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Up to 15 Model D23 expansion frames; Can be attached to 3584 Model L22, L23, L32, L52  IBM System Storage TS1120 Tape Drive (ленточный накопитель TS 1120) - решение для приложений, которым требуется высокая производительность,   To further protect your investment, an upgrade model is available for your existing IBM System Storage TS1120 Tape Drives. And to support a heterogeneous  For Drive Type: 3592; Compatibility: IBM 3592 TS1120; Maximum Native Data Capacity: 700.0 GB; Maximum Compressed Data Capacity: 2.1 TB. Add to Cart: The 3494 library supports up to. 128 open system attached. IBM System Storage ™ TS1120 Tape.

Ts1120 tape

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. . . .13 Fiducials The TS3400 tape library is an external 5U standalone or rack-mountable unit supporting up to two TS1120 tape drives with a data transfer rate of up to 104 Megabytes per second (MBps) per drive.

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The TS1120 Tape Drive is machine type 3592 and Model E05. It is designed for high-performance tape applications, including: High-speed data-save operations where backup windows are critical, and large amounts of data are archived to tape. The IBM System Storage™ TS1120 Tape Drive (TS1120 tape drive) offers a solution to address applications that need high-capacity, fast access to data or long-term data retention. It is supported in IBM tape libraries, IBM frames that support stand-alone installation, and in an IBM 3592 Tape Frame Model C20 (3592 C20 frame) attached to a Sun StorageTek™ 9310 library. The TS1120 Tape Drive is designed to provide higher levels of performance, reliability, security, and cartridge capacity than the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive 3592 Model J1A. The TS1120 E05 Tape Drive can help address the needs of tape customers across a broad range of computing environments.

Ts1120 tape

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Ts1120 tape

Lev. artikelnr: 019117043-0000. Materialklass TS1120  Det finns öppna och tätade lager. Den inställbara vinkeln är mycket liten. Artikelnr: 367305. Lev. artikelnr: 019116667-0000. Materialklass TS1120  av glasfiberförstärkt polyamid, rullkroppsstyrd.

JC Using Security Key Lifecycle Manager for z/OS with TS1120, TS1130, and TS1140 Tape Drives. Get started with using Security Key Lifecycle Manager for z/OS with TS1120, TS1130, and TS1140 Tape Drives. Before you begin.
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Ts1120 tape

This policy was prepared as part of FIPS 140-2 validation of the TS1120.

21,979.08 ₴. 00V6759 · Купить · Quick view. Закрыть  The IBM System Storage 3592 tape drives consist of the following drives; the 3592-E05 (TS1120), the 3592-E06 (TS1130) and the 3592-E07 (TS1140).
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Learn how TS1120 hardware-based tape encryption works with i5/OS Review Thin Console support for low-end System i5 without an HMC. The All-New TS1160 Tape Technology. For users with substantial and relentless data requirements, IBM’s TS1160 Tape Drive provides enterprise-level capacity, performance and reliability and is designed for discriminating users of tape who need secure and dynamic 24 x 7 coverage for their environments. Storage™ TS1120 Tape Drive (TS1120 Tape Drive). Cartridges are available in two lengths and in either re-writeable or Write Once, Read Many (WORM) formats. The short length 3592 JJ/JR cartridges provide rapid access to data and the standard length 3592 JA/JW cartridges provide high capacity. Rewritable cartridges The first-generation 3592 The IBM TS1120 tape drive will be available October 28th. Big Blue is also promoting the new System Storage TS3310 Tape Library to help businesses that lack a lot of space.